Green team wooden walk to Manor woods

On Wednesday 23rd November at 1:30 the green team went to manor woods to take photos of nature so they can make them into greetings cards to sell. The walk was 20 mins. The wether was sunny and no cloud in the sky.

A local professional photgrapher Mrs Fox and some helpers and 12 children. it was really fun,They also had a how muddy can you get competition i won . They took photos of trees,spindle berries,mushrooms,water dropplets, bark and close up photos. Are cameres like DSLRs and class cameres. They then edited the photos by changing the contrast ,brightness and cropping the photos.

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Green team woodland walk

They set of at saltford school 12 children went they left the on Wednesday the 23 of November they were out of the school for 1 hour and 30 mins. They walked by foot to woodland woods.They wor wellies some body called Benji wor shoes.They did this to make greetings cards. When they got there they took photos at first they took them quwite far away so a very good person who is good with camrmer her name is Mrs Foxs  she talk them how to use them very good some used  dslr one person got an cubweb.

A copple of people did a muddey boot compition.They were all very muddey but at the end they all loved it they was quwick stream there and alods of sipder webds, musrooms, trees. it was a fun walk they said some people said there legs were aking but it was all fun they said.

KS2 School Play: Aladdin

This year the Christmas School Production will be Aladdin. It will take place on the _________ and the _________. Currently we are about to start going next to the stage instead of in the hall. The Year 6’s will get the main parts. And all of the other classes will get their own class scenes. There will be a boys dance (I’ll make a prince out of you) and a girls dance (NAN).

The Year 6’s will play a variety of parts:

  1. Aladdin (duh)
  2. Jasmine
  3. Jafar
  4. Abu
  5. Shopkeepers 1-4
  6. Men
  7. Ladies
  8. Genie
  9. Ladies of court
  10. Guards

Christmas fair

On the 2nd December we are doing the Christmas fair. It is at Saltford school there is a chocolate tombola wine tombola secret room NO ADULTS are I are a loud in it was done by Ruth. It is mostly free. please come, it will help are school.

Aladdin Posters

In the past week Class AB have been making Aladdin posters to go around the school and two will be picked for the brochure

that will go on each chair at the performance.


Many posters contained Aladdin, the magic carpet, Jasmine, the Genie, Jafar, Abu, the lamp, and much more. 10 will be picked, so look out! The posters contain the dates, directors and more.  Make sure to have a look at them!


Key stage two production:



This year the Saltford school production is Aladdin. The year sixes were all very excited to take part. There are lots of parts to be played:

  • Aladdin
  • Jasmine
  • Jafar
  • Abdul
  • Abo
  • The Sultan
  • The Sultana
  • Year 6 girls dance
  • Year 6 boys dance
  • Gazeem
  • Guards
  • Ladies
  • Ladies of court
  • Shopkeepers
  • Genie
  • Men

Green team

The had a fifteen minite walk to mannor woods. We had mrs haden and miss jupp took us there with some helpers I had a go with some really cool cameras .

We went to manor woods in saltford to take close up photos of nature. I had a time of my life there. We took pictures of rivers,walls,bark,berries,leves and animal footprints.

The had a fifteen minite walk to mannor woods.