Green team woodland walk

They set of at saltford school 12 children went they left the on Wednesday the 23 of November they were out of the school for 1 hour and 30 mins. They walked by foot to woodland woods.They wor wellies some body called Benji wor shoes.They did this to make greetings cards. When they got there they took photos at first they took them quwite far away so a very good person who is good with camrmer her name is Mrs Foxs  she talk them how to use them very good some used  dslr one person got an cubweb.

A copple of people did a muddey boot compition.They were all very muddey but at the end they all loved it they was quwick stream there and alods of sipder webds, musrooms, trees. it was a fun walk they said some people said there legs were aking but it was all fun they said.

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